Community Bible Church desires to reach the world for Christ by supporting local, national and international ministries. With this same goal in mind, it is the desire of this church to become more and more involved with missionary support as God directs and blesses us. Recognizing we cannot support every worthwhile and worthy missionary effort, we trust the Lord's guidance in deciding whom He would have us support specifically. These organizations and individuals must adhere to the basic tenets of our doctrinal position in order to receive the support of this church.​​​​​​​

Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Pablo and Fiorella Ramirez | Argentina

Camino Global

Roger and Ivis Guillen | Philippines

Brock and Heather Hower | Mexico

Larry and Jayme Hower | Birmingham, Alabama

Tina Barham | Mexico


Clayton Hays | Baton Rouge, Louisiana



Ali Enos | (LSU) Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Serkan and Berna Koc

Equippers Ministry

Larry and Marcella Miller | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

El Centro Biblico

José and Ana Laura Wing  | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 Martín and Gladys Rangel | Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Lucian and Liz Rauca | Buteni, Romania

Cristian and Anne Barbosu | Arad, Romania

Emanuel and Claudia Danila | Ineu, Romania

Moldova Pastors

Joseph and Sasha Karasemi | Moldova

Valentin and Lydia Sandu | Moldova

Mercy Child Care

Wilfred and Vena Rugumba | Uganda, Africa

Mexican Indian Training Center

Dan Hall | Cordoba, Mexico

Ratio Christi

Dan and Becky Loe | Baton Rouge, LA


Jeff and Gerri Miller | Manilla, Philippines

Turlac Mission

Oleg and Natasha Turlac  | Toronto, Canada

World Venture

Mark and Kathy Schaaf | Atlanta, GA

Travis and Aimee Smith | Thailand